White Truffle


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White Truffle is an Indica dominant hybrid marijuana strain, a Gorilla Butter type strain.This strain hits head high quickly, freeing your mind from worries. Ultimately, these effects are felt throughout the body, putting you in a relaxed trance. Consumers who enjoyed weed with white truffle describe the uplifting feeling as “calming and a little noisy.” Optimal. White truffles exhibit a savory, earthy flavor profile with mild skunk notes. Medical marijuana patients choose white truffles to relieve symptoms related to stress and fatigue. According to the breeder, this strain flowers in dense spade-shaped buds with deep purple leaves that appear almost black. White truffles are coated with marbled white trichomes and feature dark brown hairs. She comes from Fresh Coast Genetics, a small breeder in Michigan, but Parabellum Genetics has a strain of the same name.

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