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Titan OG named by Northern Emerald breeders, Titan OG is a species to be taken seriously. Her exact genetic make-up is unknown, but she is rumored to be part of the SFV OG Kush family. Known for producing exceptional buds, this Humboldt County production is slightly indica dominant and should be enjoyed sparingly to avoid overwhelming sedation.
Imagine a picture-perfect nugget. That’s what Titan OG looks like, often boasting up to 28% of her THC in pretty buds. Each is mint green with a thick carpet of pistils and plenty of thick trichomes. True to its claimed heritage, this strain has a zesty citrus smell and taste mixed with sour earthy notes, with a touch of Kush accented to top it off. Enjoy after dinner. However, Titan OG should never be considered a dessert. Only true cannabis lovers will appreciate all that Titan OG has to offer, because before you end up feeling her relaxing effects, it’s likely that you’ll experience a pretty significant lift. Many report that a wave of joy coupled with intense creativity wash over you right off the bat, allowing you to make progress on long-forgotten projects or even enjoy a stimulating conversation with others. Use this time wisely because no matter how strongly you fight it, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll end up horizontal for a good period of time.

Titan Plat ⛽️
– Citrus Diesel & Sweet Berry Pine Nose
– Gassy Earth, Honey Citrus Flavor
– Euphoric, Relaxing High

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