Rocky Road


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The hardened nuggets of the Rocky Road strain are covered with bright orange pistils that meander through trichome-rich, olive-green buds. This strain is a cross between Rude Boi OG and Gelato 41, creating a delicious and unique terpene profile, although some believe it was bred by crossing Mikado and Colorado Green Bud.

The genetics of the Rocky Road strain make it a hybrid. It got its name from its scent and taste reminiscent of the popular ice cream. It has sweet and citrus overtones, but deep inhalations produce another overtone that resembles chocolate and marshmallows. The THC content in Rocky Road cannabis averages more or less around 18%. Its effects are said to induce a cerebral uplift in consumers who reported improved mood and a relaxed mind. Some experienced relief from chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, or stress.

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