Moneybag Runtz


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Moneybag Runtz is a popular, high-quality strain is as “good” as it gets. Smells similar to GSC with honest purple dark buds. The hair is large and orange, covering purple and green flower buds. Add to that a healthy pinch of glowing trichomes and you have a very unpleasant, pungent odor and a powerfully soothing strain.
Heavy head, loose and relaxed body. Comparing the effect to the tension coming directly from my head, I would say the effect is similar to Purple Punch, but more whole-body calming and less stony. Works great for anxiety.
Runtz is a difficult strain to find, so not much is known about this strain when it comes to THC and CBD levels. However, reviewers do enjoy the sweet, fruity, candy-like aroma and taste, as well as the color spectrum.

Moneybag Runtz
– Cherry Honey & Berry Nose
– Sweet Candy Lavender Flavor
– Relaxing, Euphoric High

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