Money Kush


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Money Kush, also known as “Money Maker” and “Money Kush,” is a hybrid marijuana strain made from a blend of three of the finest old school cannabis varieties. Breeder Strain Hunters has mixed the potency and vitality of¬†Master Kush¬†and¬†Hindu Kush¬†in combination with the vigorous growth and¬†sweet¬†flavors of¬†Skunk #1¬†to form an¬†indica-dominant cross that can be appreciated by cultivators and connoisseurs alike. Its aroma is a sharp mixture of¬†spiced¬†berries¬†and¬†piney¬†kush. Money Maker provides an¬†earthy¬†mix of flavors reminiscent of¬†dried fruits¬†and¬†roasted nuts¬†that produce immediate¬†relaxing¬†effects. A good choice for¬†insomnia¬†or to¬†stimulate your appetite, Money Maker is a strain that many reserve for the end of their day.

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